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COVID-19: Remote documentation during a pandemic
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How are you ensuring your teams’ safety while also providing great service to your customers during the COVID-19 outbreak? Join Encircle’s Customer Success Manager, Brandon Christie, as he discusses some recent updates to our Link tool that will help you during these unprecedented times. 

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Capturing information remotely using Link by Encircle

In this 20 min session, you'll learn about:

New updates to the Link by Encircle, including web and mobile notifications

Guiding your customers through the Link process

Other documentation tips and tricks

NOTE: After registering for this webinar, we will turn on the Link beta (with notifications) for your Encircle login

Brandon strives to build a relationship with the Encircle customer base and ensures they are receiving the most value out of the system. He bridges the gap between the customer and the product team to ensure that every customer has a voice in building our product. Brandon and the team aim to set the industry standard for response times and customer satisfaction scores 

Brandon Christie
Customer Success Manager, Encircle

APR 1 /  1 PM ET