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Know Where Moisture Travels: The Importance of Dew Point and Temperature

Join Kris Rzesnoski as he explains how temperature inside and outside your affected area impacts the dew point and your water job.

In this webinar, you'll learn how to:

Kris Rzesnoski
VP of Business Development, Encircle

With over 15 years of experience in the restoration and insurance industries, Kris is committed to driving Encircle’s delivery of intuitive, easy-to-use solutions that improve productivity and profitability. Kris currently sits on the RIA’s Restoration Council, Canadian Education Committee, and is the Chairman of the Estimating Committee.

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OCT 1  /  2 PM ET
OCT 1  /  2 PM ET


"With Encircle, we were set up in an hour and sharing updates in real-time. Encircle was critical in bridging communications between the field and all involved,"

Director of Operations, J.C. Restoration


Prevent moldy situations and condensation

Know how temperature affects the job

Spot risks related to your dew point and temperature

Lastly, understand the hidden dangers of drying with cold surfaces.

“That same report that took half an hour to an hour to compile with Encircle, it would have taken 24 hours for us to really do a similar quality job.”

Owner, PuroClean Disaster Services